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Guest Book Preview
Name: Fithawi
Location: Johansburg

I am so blessed by your series of teahing on Nitehadiso Zitemeretse Woledo. My God bless you abundantly Paster Temesgen and all your staff, Amen. A new anointed generation is rising who show God's glory in walk not only talk.
Glory be to GOD

Name: Yorda
Location: Washington, DC
"Fight the Good fight of faith lay hold on eternal life,whereunto thou art
also called,and hast professed a goodprofession before many witnesses."
1st Timothy 6:12

Name: Natsa
Location: Germany
Shalom to you dear Paster I am blessing with your Grace.

Name: Abiel  Teame
Location: Italy ,Milano
God bless to  all of the Elshaddai Ministry and Happy New Year.
God bless you with all sprituall blessing.

Name: Fithawi
Location: Johansburg
"NETEN KALAT ZEKILIBELEN  SENAY KIREKIB EYU." This is the word of GOD, which come to me  via Pastor Temesgen. This is for the first time in my life, I got the light , eveything I need  in life is wraped up in the word. Pastor then I decided, deep in my heart, to go for the word. So I am so glad to  to tell you Pastor, I am enjoying GOD'S goodness as never before and  I'm growing in every area of my life,to mention , pastor i 'm gona married ,10 jan 2010 with the beautiful and  gentle heavenly spouse elelta , she too is now  with me,enjoying ur recent messages , and we invite u guys elshadai ministry to thank  GOD WITH US IN THISE GREAT DAY so paster and all ur ministry mates , may  GOD bless u abundantly, thank u ,and i suggest all who can listen tigrigna not to miss ur  regular
life changing messages  VIA INTERNET .

Name: Tsedal
Location: Norway
Selam amlak niakan nibetikan. Pastor hawey goyta Yesus abzihu ybarika. Kab zie nilali dma Goyta mistiratu ygiletsalika. Ane kulu sae sibketatka ysemao eye. Nbzuhat kudusan dma yesmiom eye. Btami ena nibarek beti natika tsega. Amlak ybarek, ajoka beritie. Btselot dma kulu gizei ab gonika alona, btmi ena Bgoyta nifetweka.  Goyta aziyu yabrika!

Name: Noah Gebrihiwet
Location: Sweden
Dear Pastor, I and my family start to feed the words of God through Elshaddai Ministry, God has a wonderful power and unexplained miracle so KEEP IT UP, God want to teach us more and God loves you loves us too. God bless you all.

Name: -
Location: -
God bless u all, what a wonderful preaching. It helps lot to grow by faith, specialy us women, hear them while working. Keep it up & remain
With all my love.

Name: Dawit
Location: Norway, Flora
Selam amelake mesakum yekun kelukem kab Pastor Temesgen jemerikum nezi web tedaliweu yehewate tsega Goyetana yesus mesakum yekun. Kemezi zebele ageligelot be qanqana nesemealu aziyu zesegager zebareke temeherite bemerekabena betami ne Goyeta keberi yekeno betami ena hegusat bete ageligeletekum imo egizeabeher nezi raei abe lebekum yesefehayo pastor temesgen azina ena nefeteweka betemeriteka dema hewetena yeliwet alo imo tsega Goyetana yesus abaka memelisu yeizeze !!

Name: Samuel Tsehaye Habte
Location: Kampala ,Uganda
God bless you !for your service,in the name the lord i wnat you to pray for me my wife (Selamawit Manna ) and i had married for 6 and have years but we never had been toghter cause i was in military service in(Eritera) and she is in U.S.A with my baby boy (Minasae)in the mid west Cali,Sanfrancisco but currently i am out from the country been in Uganada.Dear brothers and sisters in God just pray for us to be unite.

Name: Abraham
Location: Mnchester
Grace,mercy and peace from God the father and Christ Jesus our lord be with you.
Sure many people have found salvation in the lord of Jesus Christ through El-shaddai all over the world.
keep on your good work. Thank you God for paster Temesgen and this ministry

Name: Fithawi
Location: Jhnbrg
Hi how are you? Glory to God. Elshaddai Ministry, may God increase his favor and mercy on you. Keep on your great ministry work. I just want to say it has been months since I become the beneficiary of your internet programs. Since I happen to know about your ministry when Pastor
Temesgen Seyum  came to South Africa. Thank you and God bless you.

Name: Moral Goyitom
Location: London
I am 9 years old I live in the south east of London.
I am writing to you all people that we have a bible to learn about the god's word I am telling you all people who are listening to my opinion that when god comes down to earth with his one and only son Jesus Christ everyone will rise from the death like Jesus did when he died on the cross and he rose up after three days and i am telling you all people you should keep the word of god in your heart God Bless you.
From Moral.

Name: Fithawi
Location: Pretoria
Wow, what a blessing was your stay, in Pretoria. As to me it is a life changing message which comes to us from above. Your visit to us is a real sign to what God has promised to his people, “behold I am making a new thing among you…” Amen a new thing is happening, glory to God, it is a real sign that the war torn and curse stricken people is on the verge of enjoying God’s mercy and goodness. So God bless Pastor Temesgen Seyum, Tsegay and all your ministry mates.

Name: S.B.Ghidey
Location: South Africa
"Entay emo knbel ena Amlak msana kab kone ke men eyu zkawemena?"
Ane kea entay emo kbl eye ybl aloku. Eti Elshaday Amlak abzi gonifuni abti hiwetei zcheneka gizie, Goyta msnnaen eti zkedelu mengedn slezrayeni memelise ybariko. Nezi kshif keloku nbatey mkussar enaabeyeni eye ztshfo zeloku.
Goyta ybarkkum eti ab Pastor Temesgen zjemero tsibuk gibri Amlakna kemzkslon kemzefesmon enaamenku yhgos goyta memelisu seguu kebzhalu kea ylmno.
Tebareku neza mdri dma nereftn nmsennaen nlewten. Nhiwetn kunu komu ekum emo sim Amlakna bruk ykun. amennnnnnnn!!!


Name: Nazareth
Location: Pretoria, South Africa

I thank God for the life and ministry of Pastor Temesgen Seyum. He
together with his son in faith, Tsegay were great blessing to us since
their time of arrival in Pretoria, South Africa (06/04/2009). It was a history
changing message for our generation. This was God's love demonstrated to
us. He sent us His Word because He loved us so much, as a nation.
Thank you Pastor Temesgen and your team.

Name: Hager Anday
Location: Pretoria, South Africa

First off all, I thank You for allowing me to write my comment in your web
and. Am one of the Eritreans in Pretoria which I am really blessed by the
teaching of Pastor Temesgen Seyum and brother Tsegay in the conference that
was held in Pretoria in the Grace Apostolic Church on April 10- 12, 2009. I
felt relief and I get a real breakthrough by their teaching which was
really from God. So, now I know how to break my curse and change the curse
of my family to blessing. Not actually of my family’s only but my whole
generation. Because the word of God is giving me the power to deliver not only person, family, or a group but a whole generation. I was really blessed
and everybody was blessed. I hope to come next time with another
revelation to minster us here in South Africa .Thank you so much and may
God bless you mightily and may He extend your blessed ministry.
Thank you.

Name: Deborah
Location: Southern California

Hi Elshadai Ministry, may our lord God pour out his end less blessings up
on all of you. Your web is a blessing to a lot of people for sure. I
really appreciate the kids zone. Keep up the good work in reaching our
this generation.
God bless

Name: Tadesse
Location: South Africa

Shallom Kdusan.
May the Grace, Peace,and wisdom of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you.
I got two sermons from your church ("Tselot and Abo Kemzi Zbelu Segedti Eyu Zdeli") It is realy blessing and I am sharing it with the brothers and
sisters here. they are also very happy.
God bless you

Name: Emnet
Location: UK

Nice website, I would like to thank God for the good work.

Name: Awet
Location: Switzerland

It is nice to see this blessing ministry in USA. Wow really GOD BLESS YOU. GOITA YIBARKUM.

Name: Tadesse
Location: South Africa

I have recieved the complete set of CDs on "
Power of Prayer teaching" and I was amased by the amount of work your (Media Ministry) put to compile the whole teaching.
God Bless You and keep the good work!
Highly appreciated

Name: Yonathan Michael
Location: London

"~*~I Am the New Year~*~
   I am the New Year. I am an unspoiled page in your book of time. I am your next chance at the art of living.
   I am your opportunity to practice what you have learned during the last twelve months about life.
   All that you sought the past year and failed to find is hidden in me; I am waiting for you to search it out again and with more determination.
   All the good that you tried to do for others and didn't achieve last year is mine to grant-- providing you have fewer selfish and conflicting desires.
   In me lies the potential of all that you dreamed but didn't dare to do, all that you hoped but did not perform.
   All you prayed for but did not yet experience - these dreams slumber lightly, waiting to be awakened by the touch of an enduring purpose -
   I am your opportunity to renew your allegiance to Him who said, ‘behold, I make all things new.’ Rev 21:5”
Thank You and God Bless You Yonathan

Name: Michael Hannes
Location: St. Gallen Switzerland

Thank you for you
r service to the Lord & all people around the world. I ask God to strengthen & multiply you & the whole ministry. May God bless u thank you again for the Email you sent me. With Love in Christ, Mike from Switzerland.

Name: Almaz Ghebrehiwet
Location: Holland Utrecht

Selam hawey, aboy bGoyta abo yehwatey Pastor Temesgen Siyum goyta Yesus memelisu ybarka, thega ablieli thega yweska. Ane kab 2005 jemire ey btmhrtika tetekimn tebariken imo egziaabiheer niaaka hibuni yaabi alokumo tehagos. Hawey tesfa loni kem fikad goyta ab kereba gize kimethena. Temesgen hawey sibketka ab cd kedihe eye nehwat zihbom. Buzuhat ybarekulun yabiun alowu, bitami ina nitikem zelena goyta ykber. Nizelaalem kemaka ybzuhulna. Ab gizena selam ybluka yehwat ane zirakebom betekatatali eyom zihatuni cd wethiudo enabelu abetii niashtu kulom temaharoka ybarnifetwkuka alowu. Pastor hawey selam belelna sdrakan abu zelewu yehwatn thega amlak msakatkum ykun amen. Bgoyta yehwatka ab Utrecht tekemato temaharo Pastor Tmesgen Siyum. Goyta ybarkum kulukum mis pastor megelagltu yehwatun amennnnnnnnnn. Kibri N AMLAK SEMAY Amen. 


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